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The Open Platform Project 

at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • Adapt and share our EWR (General Education) writing support materials
  • Create new teaching materials, including videos, to support EWR and other GE courses
  • Develop an online website to host these resources for open access



  • Students – at PolyU (EWR), Hong Kong, and worldwide (L2 targeted, L1 may use as well)
  • Language Teachers – at PolyU (ELC), Hong Kong, and worldwide
  • Discipline Teachers – at PolyU (CAR EWR), Hong Kong and worldwide



Support for EWR assignments for 19+ assignments across seven PolyU faculties and schools.  


The specific writing support materials being developed include:

  • Genre Guides (for students and Language teachers)
  • Genre Checklists (for students and Language teachers)
  • Videos (for students and Language teachers)
  • Genre Analyses (for Language and Discipline teachers)
  • Feedback comments (for Language and Discipline teachers)
  • Enhanced Assignment Guidelines (for PolyU EWR students)



Our platform is in its development phase and can be viewed at:  

  • Materials searchable by both assignment genre and PolyU course name
  • Can include other pedagogical resources, e.g. genre-specific error detector, links to referencing information, and links to CILL, ICOSA, and other resources


  • Enhancement and testing of website and migration to the PolyU ELC web server
  • More materials development
  • Hiring of project assistant
  • Pilot studies, testing and feedback
  • Completion in December, 2018



Shari Lughmani, Project Leader                                                                  

Chrissy Burns, Project Coordinator and materials development          

Janice Chan, Video creator and materials development                         

Dr. Dennis Foung, IT Coordinator                                                              

The EWRite Platform                                                                                   


We appreciate your feedback!

About this website

This website is an open access website to share our English Writing Requrement (General Education) writing support materials to support these courses